Ratchet and Clank Headcanons

Jun 13

raven4fun said: Were do you find all the concept art?

I normally get the screenshots and concept art from either the Insomniac Main Website or Ratchet Galaxy. Any other pictures shown are screenshots that I’ve taken myself.

Phew, hello all! It’s been ages since I’ve checked on this blog. I haven’t had the time to update it so that’s why it’s been so dead here for a while. Right now, however, I am going to post the headcanons I have received thus far, and will be going through the blog and begin tagging headcanons appropriately—mostly for those who are searching for a specific thing, and also to better help others blacklist things they don’t wish to see. This means there will be a “tags” section soon!

It makes me happy to see people are still interested in this blog. I can’t promise consistent updating, but with the recent good news, I’m going to try and check back every now and then.

Here’s to looking forward to 2015!